Rare Coin Media was founded by Anthony Jones and Phillip Watson on August 14th, 2015. It was built upon the idea of creating all kinds of media on multiple platforms: Film, Music, Design etc.



Rare Coin Media is more than a film company. It’s more than a name and it’s certainly more than a small time film crew. It is a journey and a dream built on the idea of capturing inspiration. What we aim to achieve is not solely making movies or having the company’s name in lights; we strive for the underdog to look up at us and see a glimmer of hope in doing what’s important to them. Whether that be making movies, becoming a doctor, building a home with your bare hands, or even starting a family, the point we try to make every single day is that anything is possible. 

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Announcing the new Cast of our project!

We’re EXTREMELY EXCITED and happy about the diverse cast we were able to put together and how much of GREAT talent we have! We can promise you all you have something great to look forward to!!!! 


Peek Into Rare Coin

Want to see what we’ve been up to? Check out our Gallery. We update our pictures frequently to keep you as involved with our set experiences as if you were there with us.

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Take Your Spot On Center Stage!

Want to audition for an upcoming project?

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