Rare Coin Media’s Projects

Here you can find all of our projects and get a little insight on what we’re working on.

Working Title: ShockValue

We at Rare Coin are gearing up for our next adventure and expanding into the super hero genre with our next original screenplay! A girl meets a hero from the future and gets mixed up in a universe she didn’t know she was a part of. Can she help him save the day, or will history be rewritten forever?

Caster Files Redemption Official Poster.jpg

Caster Files: Redemption

Caster Files: Redemption [2018] {Short Film} - Producer, Writer, Director [post-production]

For all of you who have asked for more John Caster we give you Caster Files Redemption! While no, it isn’t a direct sequel, we still are proud to add this as the next chronological story in the “Casterverse”!

Caster Files: Redemption takes place a couple months after John Caster. The film is centered on James who is tricked into a therapy session to talk about an incident that happened a week prior.

John Caster Official Poster.jpg

John Caster

JOHN CASTER [2016] (Feature Film) - Writer, Director, Producer

The first project completed by Rare Coin Media, John Caster is about three private investigators who solve a crime and in doing so get caught in the middle of a drug lord and a police commissioner's long war for the streets. With his smarts and his wit, John has to overcome the odds and work with his team to find out who he should trust and who he should bring in.

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Anjels Of Lion City

Anjels of lion city (Series) - Writer, Director [post-production]

Anjels of Lion City is a series that's based off of a feature film screenplay. The story revolves around a woman named Jenel Brookes who is an upcoming journalist/blogger, that wants to get to the bottom of the so called "Lion City Incident" that changed her world as she knows it.