About us


 Two young friends in high school, united on the sole principle of creating something amazing for the world. They believed in a dream that ignited the beginning of this unique and prosperous company. Anthony Jones and Phillip Watson started like any other aspiring filmmakers, by brainstorming stories and writing screenplays. What quickly transpired was the foundation of a brand: Rare Coin Media. After graduating, these men—despite being hundreds of miles apart—continued with the goal of creating something legendary.  Branching off and dreaming bigger, they both worked to pull in a larger crew, further expanding the company. 

     Rare Coin Media is growing in members and in productions as well. With the 2016 release of the first feature film, John Caster, it became clear how serious the company was. Rare Coin doesn’t just aim to be a film and entertainment company. Rare Coin Media intends to set an example for anyone wishing to follow their dreams, demonstrating that achieving anything is possible if you set your mind to it. 

     This company will rise above and never step down from a challenge. And if there was ever a need for hope... just look at what two young friends armed only with their creativity and a dream can do. 

Demo Reel Coming Soon...

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